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Steve Masters, chair of the West Berkshire Green Party, was honoured with the Inspiring Candidate award at the Green Party Conference.

Steve stood in the Thatcham South & Crookham by-election where he received 590 votes, or 15.6% of the vote share. It was West Berkshire Green Party’s largest ever result by vote share, and the the Green Party’s 4th highest result on the night.

Big Green Thank You.

Posted by Steve Masters on Sunday, 8 October 2017


During Steve’s campaign he was out knocking on doors every single day, managing to reach some houses as many as 7 times. Central to the campaign was a push to build a bridge over the railway in Thatcham to alleviate the congestion at the crossing which struck a chord with the community and prompted much discussion about air quality and pollution. Thatcham has often been treated as Newbury’s poorer relation, overlooked by the West Berkshire District Council and Steve wanted to change that.

West Berkshire Green Party was visited by Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party – shown here with Steve and West Berkshire Green Party Parliamentary Candidate Paul Field – during their campaigns. Amelia spent the day in Thatcham and Newbury, campaigning with Steve and speaking to the local media. Amelia spoke of both Steve’s and Paul’s dedication to their campaigns.

Steve jointly won the award with deaf-blind candidate Ben Fletcher. In his speech, Steve paid tribute to Ben,

During my election campaign I was myself inspired by Ben and his team, sharing many of his Facebook posts to my supporters. So I feel it is a great privilege to share this award with such a great person.

He was presented with the award by joint Green Party Leaders Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas at the Big Green Thank You during the Green Party Conference.

Our congratulations go to Steve for winning the award, and our thanks too for being such an inspiration to the rest of us.


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Matt Lowe lives in Newbury where he runs a small web design and development company. He has been voting Green for over ten years but, after the disappointing results of the 2015 election, he decided to become a full member and get involved with his local party. Matt is responsible for managing the Newbury Greens website and social media.

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