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Gary Brampton

Gary Brampton, Tilehurst Birch CopseStanding:

I believe that the primary considerations in setting both local and national policies should be ecological sustainability and social justice. A desire for a fairer society and prioritising of environmental issues are what led me to join the Green Party and are the basic personal tenets under which I am standing in the local elections.

It is my view that the Green Party deserves to have its voice heard in promoting an equitable, kinder and enduring future for all.

I live in Tilehurst Birch Copse ward and have a long association with the area, having attended both Birch Copse and Little Heath schools. I have lived in the West Berkshire Council area continuously for almost half a century.

If elected to represent Tilehurst Birch Copse ward I would commit to being accessible, accountable and dedicated in the execution of my duties.


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