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Carolyne Lindsey Culver

Carolyne Culver, RidgewayStanding:

I am a parish councillor in East Ilsley, where I have lived since 2007. As a local campaigner I have challenged West Berkshire Council about many issues including pot holes, speed limits, empty salt bins, the garden bin charge, and inadequate plastic recycling, to name a few.

We need a councillor who works hard and lives in our community. I have conducted more than 500 surveys with households in the past year to find out their concerns about local issues. Rural areas like ours get a raw deal from a district council that is so focused on urban areas like Newbury and Thatcham. If elected I would speak up for the needs of our rural communities.

Our council’s plastic recycling is inadequate compared with other councils, and I believe the garden bin charge sets a dangerous precedent that residents will be charged for services on top of their council tax.


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