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David Ralph Marsh

David Marsh, Newbury Wash CommonStanding:

I joined the Green Party because I believe it is the only political party that is taking seriously the greatest threats to our very survival: climate change and the destruction of the natural world.

Issues that were once minority interests, such as recycling plastics, have become mainstream. As Green councillors, we will have the policies and political will to radically change the way West Berkshire approaches these problems.

We are increasingly setting the local agenda through our campaigns. Imagine how much more we can achieve if we win council seats.

On the environment, housing, transport, education and more, I believe the Green Party has the answers where the other parties are not even asking the questions.

If the voters of Newbury Wash Common elect me on 2 May, I promise to work hard, to be visible, and to be accountable to them and the people of West Berkshire.


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