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Matthew Thomas James Lowe

Matthew Thomas James Lowe, Newbury GreenhamStanding:

I joined the Green Party in 2015 as a way to positively direct my frustrations with our broken electoral system. Since then I have been working hard with my fellow greens to change local politics for the better. On May 2 we have a good chance of electing our first Green councillors, allowing us to do even more good work in West Berkshire.

Having lived in Newbury for 14 years, and run a small business here for half of that time, I’ve become increasingly frustrated by the lack of real progress made by West Berkshire Council in various areas. Not least transport, air quality and climate action.

The voters of Newbury Greenham ward deserve better, I’ve not heard from my councillors once in the last 4 years, and so if elected on May 2 I pledge to knock every door in the ward at least once every year to hear your concerns.


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