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Susan Millington

Susan Millington, Newbury CentralStanding:

I have been a Green Party member for over forty years, since it was called the Ecology Party and I was studying ecology at university. I have always been concerned about our intimate involvement in the life of our planet, aiming to improve our respect and care for the Earth.

I was very involved with the Newbury bypass campaign, and time has proven our assertion then that building more roads doesn’t solve traffic problems.

A job in organic farming research brought me to West Berkshire 30 years ago, and I have been cultivating an allotment organically since then. I now work as a gardener and am involved with the Green Party, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and other groups.

If elected to represent you in Newbury Central, I would work to reverse the council’s green bin charge, improve public transport, and mandate high environmental standards on new builds and renovations, aiming to bring a clear environmental focus to all decision making.


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