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Tim Davis


I have worked in the environment sector for 10 years. I believe in putting the environment at the front of any political policy. The Green Party is the only party to maintain this as its key objective.

We need more representation to encourage West Berkshire to adopt green policies. This will not happen with an all-blue council.

Ecosystems, extinctions, plastic in the oceans, fracking, oil usage – all the evidence shows that we need to take these issues more seriously.

I have been a member of the Green Party and Greenpeace for a number of years. I studied political philosophy at university and have an MSC in environmental science.

I live locally and have young children at school in Kintbury. This gives me more impetus to be active on their behalf as our actions will impact on their lives in the future.

The policies of the Green Party are the only ones that seriously consider the planet we live on. Without it we are in big trouble.


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