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Alison May


West Berkshire Council policy and practices are causing significant damage to our rural communities. Removal of the local school bus and reduction in other bus services, the threat to our libraries, a disproportionately high council tax compared with our urban neighbours, and an absence of policies for the sustainability of our rural communities – as a councillor, I can influence and, hopefully, reverse these damaging policies.

As a resident of Burghfield Common, and living in West Berkshire for over 16 years, I have seen how regressive policies directly impact on the lives of local people.

A career woman, mother, aunt and carer, I have accumulated a depth of experience and insight into some of the challenges experienced by women, minority and under-represented groups, and the vulnerable and elderly in our society.

I hope the people of Burghfield & Mortimer will elect me to effect positive change, recognise the value of our local environment and promote  inclusiveness, equality and diversity for all.


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