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Jacqueline Paynter


I believe a vote for a Green Party candidate is a great choice in local elections. We care passionately about the environment, but we are not a one-issue party and are active in campaigning about the many issues that affect local lives.

For nearly 30 years I’ve been privileged to live and work in this wonderful part of the country. I grew up in Wantage, lived in East Hanney, and now live in Newbury.

Creativity is an important part of my personality. I have taught Art and Design in several West Berkshire schools and also established a small youth club in Greenham to support youngsters.

I have a strong desire to make a difference and have empathy with those less fortunate. Last year I raised almost £4,000 for an overseas aid agency by planning and running successful events.

I have a commonsense approach and a positive outlook. I enjoy working with others, and believe I would make an effective councillor.


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