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Alex Carter


My name is Alex Carter and I will be standing as a councillor for the Green Party in the local elections.

Having grown up in Ashampstead and attended nearby schools, I now live in Newbury but retain close family ties with the area. I have been a member of the Green Party since 2015.

In these volatile and highly charged political times, I believe this ward would benefit from a local, youthful voice standing up for them and the beautiful surroundings they live in. The relationship between people and planet is easy to see in such a place as Basildon ward.

Plastic recycling in West Berkshire is far from adequate compared to other areas, and this is one of the areas that I would like to push for change in. The green bin charge has been another ongoing issue, and something that Green councillors wish to reverse.

I would push councillors to think of the environmental impact of each decision they make: for too long, the planet has been a low priority in the name of growth that simply cannot be maintained in a sustainable way.


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